Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit

Project Interview (required)

A registration fee of $5.00 will be charged for each 4-H member that has a dog to show at the Saturday show.  Fees will be paid when submitting registration forms prior to fair.  4-H Dog members not participating in the dog show will not pay a registration fee.


  • Dogs must be in good health and current certificate of vaccinations must be furnished with Fair Entries. (No Vaccination, No Show, No Exceptions)


  • The Marias Fair 4-H Dog Show is a 4-H Show. Modified AKC rules will be used for the judging; all dogs are eligible.  AKC registration is not necessary.


  • Obedience Training and Showmanship require an animal and will be judged on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Dog showmen should be present by 7:45 a.m. to pick up numbers.


  • All other dog activities (educational exhibits and/or other project related items) will be interview judged on Wednesday in the Exhibit Building.


  • To encourage additional educational exhibits and other related project items, there are two awards: High Point Dog Exhibit Award: points based on interview and lots 100-101 and Overall High Point Dog Project Awards: Based on all premium points in dog, including interview, exhibits, show and other project related items.


  • All dogs and handlers will be judged individually against a standard. Sits and downs will be done by group examination.


  • Injured dogs and female dogs in season will not be allowed to participate. (When in doubt, please see a Small Ag Committee Member.)


  • Judges reserve the right to remove a dog from ring competition due to health or behavioral concerns. Pre-Juniors are encouraged to bring a dog of appropriate size.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times except as required otherwise by the Official Judge during the judging.


  • Non-competing dogs must be on a leash at all times during the judging and kept clear of the ring.


  • Exhibitors who have previously shown are eligible to enter more than one dog as long as not at the same level. Example: Enter one dog in Sub-Novice and enter one dog in Novice. 


  • Exhibitors will be allowed to use bait only in showmanship.


  • Suggested attire for showmanship - dress clothes. Suggested attire for obedience - dress clothes or long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes or boots (no canvas tennis shoes). Attire and person shall be neat and clean.


CLASS  100          Educational display

CLASS  101          Other related item 1

CLASS  102          Other related item 2

CLASS  103          Other related item 3

CLASS 104           Other related item 4

CLASS 105           Other related item 5


CLASS  102          Senior

CLASS  103          Junior

CLASS  104          Pre-Junior


CLASS  105          Sub-Novice, A - handler and dog have never shown or trained

CLASS  106          Sub-Novice, B - dogs that have previously been shown or trained no higher than the sub-novice level.                    Handlers with previous experience.  All work on lead.  If place in show, expect to move to next level. 

                1)    heel on lead and figure 8

                2)    recall

                3)    stand for examination at end of lead

                4)    long sit at end of lead – one minute

                5)    long down at end of lead – three minutes

CLASS  107          Novice, A – handler and dog must qualify to compete at novice level (Leader determination)

CLASS  108          Novice, B - previously shown or trained in Novice

                1)    heel on lead and figure 8

                2)    heel free (off  lead)

                3)    recall (off lead)

                4)    stand for examination at end of lead

                5)    long sit (off lead) – one minute

                6)    long down (off  lead) – three minutes

CLASS  109          Graduate Novice, A – continuously with same dog

CLASS  110          Graduate Novice, B – previously shown or trained in Graduate Novice 

                1)   heel on lead

                2)   heel free and figure 8 (off lead)

                3)   stand for examination (off lead)

                4)   drop on recall (off lead)

                5)   long sit - handler out of sight - three minutes

                6)   long down - handler out of sight - five minutes

CLASS  111          Open (all work off lead)

                1)   heel free and figure 8

                2)   drop on recall

                3)   one or more of the following three:

  1. a) retrieve dumbbell on flat - 20 points
  2. b) broad jump (length is twice the size of the dog) - 20 points
  3. c) retrieve over high jump (height of dog) - 30 points

                4)    long sit - handler out of sight – three minutes

                5)    long down - handler out of sight – five minutes

CLASS  112          Utility (all work off lead)

                1)  signal exercise (to include: heel, stand, stay, drop, sit, come)

                2)  one or more of the following three handler’s choice

  1. a) scent discrimination (one article, either wood or leather) - 30 points
  1. b) directed retrieve - 30 points
  2. c) directed jumping - 40 points

CLASS  113          Other dog skills class: includes agility, search dog, hunt & retrieve, fly ball and trick.

CLASS  114          Brace