Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit 


 Project Interview (required)


Exhibits may be video, photo story, story, slideshow, poems, mindmap, etc.

CLASS 100           Exhibit related to sharing an experience with at least four people in four different ways

CLASS 101           Exhibit related to giving directions

CLASS 102           Exhibit related to culture and communication

CLASS 103           Exhibit related to your own culture and how it influences your communication

CLASS 104           Exhibit related to bullying

CLASS 105           Exhibit related to being a witness to bullying

CLASS 106           Request letter you have written

CLASS 107           Exhibit related to being a website detective (how do you know if it is a good resource)

CLASS 108           Exhibit related to meeting people for the first time

CLASS 109           Exhibit of conversation starters

CLASS 110           Original song lyrics

CLASS 111           Original song music and lyrics

CLASS 112           Original rap lyrics

CLASS 113           Exhibit of an illustrated talk

CLASS 114           Exhibit of a demonstration (methods or do-able)

CLASS 115           Any other item related to project 1

CLASS 116           Any other item related to project 2

CLASS 117           Any other item related to project 3


Exhibits may be video, photo story, story, slideshow, poems, mindmap, etc.

CLASS 118           Exhibit related to communication conflict

CLASS 119           Exhibit related to a communication misunderstanding

CLASS 120           Exhibit related to multiple meanings

CLASS 121           Exhibit related to cultural communication

CLASS 122           Exhibit related to a speech you have or plan to give (notes, research, video, feedback, evaluation)

CLASS 123           Exhibit related to sharing a message with a large audience

CLASS 124           Exhibit related to quotes

CLASS 125           Exhibit related courtesy correspondence

CLASS 126           Exhibit related to communicating through social media

CLASS 127           Exhibit related to bullying

CLASS 128           News story

CLASS 129           Press release

CLASS 130           Public service announcement (TV or radio)

CLASS 131           Speech

CLASS 132           Visual aids for a presentation

CLASS 133           Your evaluation or critique of a speech

CLASS 134           Exhibit related to careers in the communications field

CLASS 135           Exhibit related to technology and communications

CLASS 136           Any other item related to project 1

CLASS 137           Any other item related to project 2

CLASS 138           Any other item related to project 3


Exhibits may be video, photo story, story, slideshow, poems, mindmap, etc.

CLASS 139           Exhibit related to communication through time/history

CLASS 140           Exhibit related to listening

CLASS 141           Exhibit related to communication gaps and/or bridging the gap based on age/gender/race, etc.

CLASS 142           Resume (paper, electronic, video)

CLASS 143           Exhibit related to speeches – impromptu, persuasive, informative

CLASS 144           Exhibit related to communications through social media

CLASS 145           Exhibit related to safety and internet communications

CLASS 146           Exhibit related to technology and communications

CLASS 147           Exhibit related to advertising communications

CLASS 148           Original advertisement for a real or imaginary product

CLASS 149           Exhibit related to communications for a political campaign or platform

CLASS 150           Your campaign materials for a position you ran for (example:  4-H club president, class treasurer, etc.)

CLASS 151           Exhibit related to group work through technology

CLASS 152           Exhibit related to video communication

CLASS 153           Storyboard for a video

CLASS 154           Video you created individually or with a team

CLASS 155           Exhibit related to skill-a-thon

CLASS 156           Exhibit related to communication careers

CLASS 157           Any other item related to project 1

CLASS 158           Any other item related to project 2

CLASS 159           Any other item related to project 3



CLASS 113           Educational Display

CLASS 114          Other related item 1

CLASS 115          Other related item 2

CLASS 116          Other related item 3


 Project Interview (required)

CLASS 100           Exhibit any three original poems consisting of at least one four-line stanza written by you during                                  this current year

CLASS 101           Educational display

CLASS 102          Other related item 1

CLASS 103          Other related item 2

CLASS 103          Other related item 3


Project Interview (required)


CLASS  100          Series of pictures capturing pantomime and/or mime movements

CLASS  101          Creative display on pantomime and/or mime similarities and differences

CLASS  102          Audio or video recording of “gibberish” with or without interpreter

CLASS  103          Written collaborative story created by 4-H member and others

CLASS  104          Collection of character photos with written monologue

CLASS  105          Photos or video of mirrored expressions

CLASS  106          Photos or video recording of a monologue

CLASS  107          Display, audio/video recording or photo story showing one of the three genres-comedy, drama or                                melodrama

CLASS  108          Drawing of four scenes that show the location and/or what is happening in that scene

CLASS  109          Box or other frame with scenery on at least four sides

CLASS  110          Stage map labeling parts of the stage from actors’ point of view

CLASS  111          Mask you made

CLASS  112          Puppets you made

CLASS  113          Other related item 1

CLASS  114           Other related item 2

CLASS  115           Other related item  3


CLASS  114          Video, picture or drawing display to show a story of a pantomime

CLASS  115          Recording to demonstrate understanding of tone of voice

CLASS  116          Write dialogue to demonstrate conflict pair trigger lines

CLASS  117          Dialogue, recording or display demonstrating good and evil voices

CLASS  118          Recording or display showing movement and character quality interaction

CLASS  119          Sample “improvisation” script

CLASS  120          A 10 line scene in one of three genres-drama, comedy, and melodrama

CLASS  121          Costume you made or gathered to depict a character, include a brief character description

CLASS  122          Display or entry on blocking and stage directions

CLASS  123          Mask you made with narrative about meaning behind mask

CLASS  124          Puppet you made with a story or written play for puppets

CLASS  125          Other related item 1

CLASS  126           Other related item 2

CLASS  127           Other related item 3


CLASS  126          Exhibit related pantomime and/or mime

CLASS  127          Recording, exhibit or display related to “I statements”

CLASS  128          Exhibit and/or example of conflict role-play

CLASS  129          Exhibit that demonstrates understanding of the technique of flashback

CLASS  130          Convert communication from some historical dialogue to a modern communication method.                                        Tweet, Snap Chat, etc.

CLASS  131          Display of pictures that show expression and name of expression

CLASS  132          Exhibit demonstrating the understanding of how to revise a scene

CLASS  133          Directors checklist of ideas-a blocking plot, vision for genre and scene and theme for your genre                                  and scene

CLASS  134          Design a costume and exhibit along with character description

CLASS  135          Exhibit demonstrating understanding of director’s role

CLASS  136          Mask display and description of the relationship of character and culture

CLASS  137          Puppets and script for puppet show

CLASS  138          Other related item 1

CLASS  139          Other related item 2

CLASS  140          Other related item 3


CLASS 139          Educational display

CLASS 140          Other related item 1

CLASS 141          Other related item 2

CLASS 142          Other related item 3