Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit

Educational displays, posters and notebooks are encouraged as entries.


Project Interview (required)


CLASS  100          Educational display

CLASS  101          Picture poster of pre-school activities you developed or used

CLASS  102          Notebook of child observations

CLASS  103          Poster or collage showing the lives of two children

CLASS  104          Photo story or collage showing human growth and development of one person

CLASS  105          Learning box

CLASS  106          Poster of photographs of yourself at different stages of life

CLASS  107          Story masks that you made yourself

CLASS  108          Display of hazard or safety rules that you developed

CLASS  109          Other related item 1

CLASS  110          Other related item 2

CLASS  111         Other related item 3 


CLASS 110           Educational display

CLASS 111           Poster display of the Home Alone game

CLASS 112           Friendly flyer

CLASS 113           Notebook of child observations

CLASS 114           Educational poster of age-appropriate toys

CLASS 115           Safety exhibit on toys that can be dangerous for children

CLASS 116           Friendship Kite that you made

CLASS 117           Poster display illustrating the lives of two children

CLASS 118           Poster display of your own family genealogy and symbols

CLASS 119           Other related item 1

CLASS 120          Other related item 2

CLASS 121          Other related item 3


CLASS 120           Educational display

CLASS 121           Display of a quiz board or career cards that you developed to teach about child development and                                        careers

CLASS 122           Notebook of child observations

CLASS 123           Notebook of your own “how to” guide for child care providers with photos

CLASS 124           Educational display analyzing television programs and commercials aimed at children

CLASS 125           Notebook of your own inventory of your community’s disability accessibility

CLASS 126           Poster display of five families who live in your community today

CLASS 127           Poster display of ten families who lived in your community 100 years ago

CLASS 128           Educational display of a community service activity you developed to work with senior citizens

CLASS 129           Notebook or display of your interviews with at least ten parents  

CLASS 130           Other related item 1

CLASS 131           Other related item 2

CLASS 132            Other related item 3


CLASS 131           Educational Display

CLASS 132          Other related item 1

CLASS 133          Other related item 2

CLASS 134          Other related item 3 


Project Interview (required)

CLASS  100          Babysitter’s magic bag

CLASS  101          Family file and job log

CLASS  102          Parent/guardian survey

CLASS  103          Display/poster about safety, poisons and choking

CLASS  104          Display/poster about first aid

CLASS  105          Boo Boo Bunny

CLASS  106          First aid kit

CLASS  107          Poster with ages and stages of children

CLASS  108          Display/poster about food and nutrition for children

CLASS  109          Babysitting business card fliers or marketing pieces

CLASS 110          Other related item 1

CLASS 111          Other related item 2

CLASS 112          Other related item 3


Project Interview (required)

CLASS  111          Other related  item 1

CLASS  112          Other related item 2

CLASS  113          Other related item 3