This scholarship was made possible from the sale of a bison, donated by Troy and LouEllen Wanken, and half a steer donated by Anna Seewald.  Resulting monies were placed in a Certificate of Deposit via the Marias Fair 4-H Livestock Committee Treasurer.  It was at the request of Don Nelson, Jr. that the Marias Fair Livestock Committee assumed responsibility for these finances and developed the award criteria. 

 Amount:  $700


  • Senior in high school involved with a 4-H livestock project within the Blackfeet Reservation, Glacier, Liberty, Pondera or Toole counties. 
  • Applicants must be planning to attend a post-secondary educational institution (university, community college, tech. school, etc.). 
  • Received a blue ribbon in a livestock market class during a previous Marias Fair. 
  • Scholarships may only be awarded to the same person once.


Applications must be received by the Liberty County Extension Office no later than June 11th, 2021.  Applications received after June 11th will not be accepted.

Recommended Criteria:

Produced a livestock carcass that met standards for Certified Lamb, Symbol of Excellence (swine) or Steer of Merit (beef) in the Marias Fair Carcass Contest. 

Please turn in the following information and include a page describing what leadership skills you have applied in your livestock projects.

  • Applicant Name:
  • Academic institution you plan to attend:
  • Graduation Date:


Please provide the following information for each animal you brough to the Marias Fair
Year Steer, Swine, Lamb or Goat Live Placing Carcass Placing Did your animal receive Certified Lamb, Steer of Merit, Symbol of Excellence

Return your signed application by June 12th to :

MSU Liberty County Extension
111 First Street East
P.O. Box 607
Chester, MT  59522

Telephone: (406) 759-5625
Fax: (406) 759-5996